Managing Absence

Managing Absence

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A one day workshop for managers and HR professionals

This one-day workshop is designed to give participants a practical understanding of how to manage absence. At an average of £601 per employee per year (according to the CIPD’s latest survey), absenteeism costs British business billions of pounds each year – and can be one of the most difficult issues to manage effectively. This workshop equips managers with the skills and legal knowledge needed to reduce lost time and the costs associated with absence.

This programme will benefit all managers and supervisors who have people reporting to them. The skills involved are equally applicable to junior, middle and senior level managers. HR professionals can also benefit significantly from attending this course.


Participants in this highly practical one-day workshop are encouraged to take a pro-active approach, in small team discussions, case studies and practical exercises. This helps to ensure a pooling of ideas, knowledge and experience in applying the skills back at work.

The dynamic nature of this course requires that the number of participants be limited to no more than 12 if maximum benefit is to be had from the day.

Introduction and course objectives

The legal background

  • Statutory employment rights
  • Common law rights
  • Employment Tribunals
  • Remedies and compensation

Disability discrimination

  • Overview of the Act
  • Defining ‘disability’
  • The duty to make reasonable adjustments
  • Case study

Managing absence

  • The need to manage absence
  • The cost of absence
  • Patterns of absence
  • Managing absence as a breach of contract
  • Poor performance associated with absence
  • Managing ‘malingerers’
  • Video-based exercise

Managing long-term absence

  • Capability and long-term absence
  • Maintaining the relationship during absence
  • Providing support
  • Case study review
  • Case law

Absence control procedures

  • The return to work interview
  • Monitoring
  • Stages
  • Penalties
  • Essential paperwork
  • Doctors’ certificates
  • When informal action fails

Managing sensitive health issues

  • Mental ill-health – including stress at work
  • HIV and Aids
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Pregnancy


  • Course review/discussion
  • Close
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