EL/03 Strategic Employment Law

Strategic Employment Law

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A one day course for senior managers

There is a myth in employment law that managers are no longer free to manage – that ‘you can’t do anything these days’. As a result, too much is being spent on employment lawyers and compromise agreements. This course is specifically designed for senior managers in the private sector who want to take control of the employment law issues in their company.

Instead of being bombarded with rules and case law, delegates will look at the guiding principles of employment law, and what they mean for the way in which a company is managed and decisions taken. The objective is to empower managers to manage employment law risk, and make informed commercial decisions about how to take the business forward.


Welcome and introduction

Employment law in the UK

  • Guiding principles
  • Key employment rights
  • Employment tribunals

Termination of employment

  • How unfair dismissal works
  • Formal and informal procedures
  • The golden rules of unfair dismissal

Managing Change

  • Flexibility in employment contracts
  • The right to request flexible working
  • Forcing through a change in terms and conditions
  • Redundancy and redundancy consultation
  • The transfer Regulations – how they benefit employers

Conflict at work

  • The law surrounding grievances
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Mediation and dispute resolution

Managing risk

  • Assessing the risk of a tribunal claim
  • How tribunals calculate compensation
  • Compromise agreements and conciliated settlements
  • Managing your employment lawyers

Review of Key Points and Close of Day

Remember: All of our courses are individually designed to meet our client’s needs. This programme is just an illustration of what the course can cover.