EL/10 Trade Unions and The Law

Trade Unions and the Law

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This course provides delegates with a detailed briefing on the legal issues surrounding trade unions and their members. It is conducted in an open and participatory style with questions and discussion encouraged throughout.

At the end of the course delegates will have a clear understanding of the key legal issues surrounding trade unions and industrial relations and will feel more confident in dealing with these issues as they arise.

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Welcome and Introductions

 The legal status of trade unions

  • What is a trade union?
  • The certificate of independence
  • Internal structures and legal requirements

 The rights of trade union members

  • At the recruitment stage
  • Detriment and dismissal
  • ‘Unlawful inducements’
  • Time off rights

 Trade union recognition

  • What is recognition?
  • The statutory framework
  • Different levels of recognition
  • The legal status and effect of collective agreements

Rights of a recognised trade union

  • Time off for union officials
  • Collective bargaining information
  • Information and consultation rights

 Industrial action and the law

  • Industrial action and the ‘economic torts’
  • Defining the trade dispute
  • When is action still unlawful?
  • Secondary action
  • Lawful picketing

 Strike ballots

  • Notification to the employer
  • The ballot paper
  • Conducting the ballot
  • Independent scrutiny
  • The ballot result
  • Period of validity

 Industrial action and individual employees

  • Industrial action as a breach of contract
  • Deductions from wages
  • Special rules on dismissal
  • Misconduct connected with industrial action

 Final questions and round up

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